As Number Of Foreclosed Homes Grows, So Does Mold

As huge numbers of foreclosed homes continue to work their way through the real estate pipeline, another problem is blossoming — mold. In most homes, as residents go in and out and the seasons change, natural ventilation sucks moisture up to the attic and out through the roof. It’s called the “stack effect.” And in many […]

Greener, pricier furniture: Formaldehyde use will be limited under a new law

Not too long ago, many mass-market furniture makers weren’t all that interested in the no-formaldehyde-added wood that Todd Vogelsinger was trying to sell them from Columbia Forest Products.  After all, consumers and regulators weren’t exactly demanding that furniture be formaldehyde-free.That’s about to change.A law signed this month by President Barack Obama limiting the amount of […]

Jury awards $2.4M in first Chinese drywall trial

A Florida couple who fled their dream home because of foul-smelling, ruinous Chinese drywall was awarded $2.4 million in damages Friday in the nation’s first jury trial over the defective wallboard that could have legal ramifications for thousands of similar cases.  The six-person jury ruled that Armin and Lisa Seifart should receive more than just […]

Chinese Drywall Maker Reaches Settlement

 If walls could talk, the ones in your new home might say “thank you.” Especially if they are sulfur-oozing, health-hazardous ones manufactured in China.In a move to quell the controversy over homes built with defective drywall, Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co., a German-owned exporter of the Chinese-made product, has reached a settlement with Atlanta-based builder Beazer […]

Indoor air kills 2.2 million young Chinese: report

More than two million Chinese youths die each year from health problems related to indoor air pollution, with nearly half of them under five years of age, state media cited a government study as saying.The study released by the China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said indoor pollution levels can often be 5-10 times […]

‘Highly Virulent’ Strain of Killer Fungus Found in Ore.

(April 22) — A potentially life-threatening new type of fungus has been discovered in Oregon, and experts are warning that it could soon spread into neighboring regions. The pathogen is a strain of Cryptococcus gattii — C. gattii for short — and appears to have a death rate of around 25 percent among those infected, […]